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In order to apply for a NAB Commercial Card, certain eligibility criteria must be met.

Please answer the following questions to start the application process.
*The Velocity NAB Business American Express® Card account is a credit card which must be used wholly and exclusively for business purposes. The individual who is the primary cardholder is responsible for all use of the account and any credit card issued in connection with the account. This liability includes all credit extended on the account. Please note that only one additional credit card can be issued in connection with this account. If you need a product with multiple cards attached to the account, please refer to our commercial card product comparison table for other alternatives.

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*I confirm that I have read, understood and accepted the Information Use and Disclosure page including the section "Privacy Protection of Information" and "Authority and Declaration" (Velocity version 1.0)

*Are you a permanent Australian Resident?

*Are you 18 years of age or over?

*Are you a Sole Proprietor or a Partner/Director in a business?

® Registered Trade Mark of American Express Company

Credit Limit

*Requested credit limit
(Minimum $5000 credit limit applies)

Velocity Membership Number (if current member)

Velocity membership number (if current member)
The Velocity Rewards account must be held in your name.

By providing your valid Velocity Membership Number we can transfer your Velocity Points to your valid Velocity Rewards Account.

Please note: If you do not already have a Velocity Rewards membership, you can request one at anytime via

Virgin Blue flight details - includes Business/Personal travel (optional)

How many times have you flown with Virgin Blue in the past 12 months?
Do you consent to NAB verifying with Virgin Blue the flight details provided above?

How many times do you expect to fly with Virgin Blue in the next 12 months?
You do not need to provide us with the consent and details above to apply for a Velocity NAB Business Card, but if you do, this information will form part of your application and may be used to assist our decision to provide you with credit.
If you have not flown with Virgin Blue and/or do not intend to fly with Virgin Blue in the next twelve months you may also still continue to apply.